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As Pearl Lemon Cafe is a place dedicated to learning, networking, and working as well as amazing coffee it might come as no surprise that an outstanding barista training academy is something we set about founding early on.

In many ways doing so made a lot of sense to boost our own business – we have a highly experienced core staff, but as we expand we’ll always need more – but we are far from the only coffee shop in town and for those who want to become a barista getting their first job can be hard.

As with most careers, a little training and education can go a long way in becoming a barista. It stands out to employers, demonstrating not just that you have the right skills and abilities to be a barista, but also that you are committed to your profession and prepared to go above and beyond.

To potential employers, barista training identifies you as an expert and demonstrates your commitment to learning and improving yourself. Let’s look at some of the most important perks of barista training and where you can get the best barista training London.

Barista Training Boosts Your CV

You’ve probably heard the old adage that you need work experience to obtain work experience. It’s a bit of a paradox because getting a break when you don’t have any experience can be difficult.

If you haven’t worked as a barista before, barista training London is the ideal way to obtain this much-needed experience. It’s priceless to be able to mention this on your CV and LinkedIn profile because it immediately distinguishes you from others who haven’t worked as a barista.


Barista Training Gives You the Skills You Need to Succeed

Barista training London obviously teaches you the skills you need to brew outstanding coffee, which is more essential than how it appears on your CV. You’ll learn how to prepare the ideal espresso, milk texturing, latte art, and everything else a barista needs to know.

But that’s not all. Customer service is every bit as important as your coffee brewing skills if you want to become an expert barista. The baristas are often the very reason people

Barista Training London Starts You Off on the Right Track

When you don’t have any formal training or education as a barista, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. We frequently come in contact with baristas who have been working for a year or more and still have no idea how to make coffee. True, everyone brews coffee a little differently, but there are lots of essential procedures that any competent barista should know.

When you take the time to complete barista training London with Pearl Lemon Cafe’s expert team we will help ensure that you have the basic coffee-making skills you need, as well as the advanced training that top employers and high-end coffee shops are looking for. From the right way to steam milk, to understanding the coffee itself to truly being able to offer ‘service with a smile’ that customers will find genuine and appealing, we can teach you everything you need to know.


Barista Training London is Fascinating and Fun

The fact that barista training and education is enjoyable is one of the most appealing aspects of the whole thing. You’ll study all the ins and outs of being a world-class barista, as well as spend time perfecting your art and attaining the ideal cup of coffee. You’ll also have the opportunity to socialize with a group of like-minded people who share your desire to work as a London barista — one of the best types of barista in the world!

But that’s not all. As is the case for any skilled professional, if you understand the products you are working with – in this case coffee, as well as teas and other specialty coffee shop beverages like matcha and bubble teas – your skills will be instantly elevated.

As a part of your barista training London you will learn about the history of coffee, the origins of the coffee and specialty beverages you’ll be working within today’s working environment, the ways in which popular coffee preparation techniques have evolved, and much more.

Barista education and training opens the door to a range of possibilities in the hospitality business. So, now that you’ve determined that a barista course is right for you, you need to choose the ideal training facility. That’s where we, the Pearl Lemon Cafe, come into play. We’re London’s leading barista training company, and when you learn your trade in our one-of-a-kind café, you’ll meet some amazing individuals, maybe even your future boss!

Why Train with Pearl Lemon Cafe?

As the coffee shop concept continues to gain popularity there are more and more options available to those looking for barista training London, both on and offline. So why choose to train with Pearl Lemon Cafe?

The most important reason is that we are truly dedicated to what we do. Pearl Lemon Cafe was born from a love of the coffee shop concept, but with an acknowledgment of the cons of many of the coffee shops we had frequented while building the component companies of the Pearl Lemon Group. Everything about Pearl Lemon Cafe is built around providing the best possible customer experience, and barista staff are a huge part of that.

We took the time to build barista training London for our own staff from the ground up so that it was as encompassing and effective as possible. We also made sure it was fun, inspiring, and engaging, as people are always so much better at what they do when they are enjoying themselves.

The barista training London that is now available to those outside the Pearl Lemon organization is the same as we offer to our own staff, with some additional extras, like how to optimise your barista CV, how to help boost the coffee shop you work for with effective social media and word of mouth marketing and more. In very basic terms, once you have made it through barista training London with Pearl Lemon Cafe you’ll be ready for anything the coffee world can throw at you, and you’ll certainly be ready to become a coffee shop star that any establishment will be lucky to add to their staff.


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