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Most people choose to buy coffee beans in the form they are accustomed to: roasted to a dark hue and vacuum packaged for later use. You can buy all sorts of coffee beans this way at Pearl Lemon Cafe, allowing you to brew delicious coffee at home, as the tastiest coffee is made with freshly ground grounds. As in ground seconds ago. 

However, a growing number of consumers are eager to purchase green coffee beans wholesale. At Pearl Lemon Cafe we can assist our customers in purchasing green coffee beans wholesale, by understanding why they may be doing so and helping them make the best choices for their needs.

If you’ve never had green coffee beans before, you’re probably seriously wondering why anyone would want to buy them. If you read on, you’ll find out, and you might be so intrigued that you want to buy green coffee beans wholesale for yourself, which you can do in person at Pearl Lemon Cafe’s bustling Fulham coffee shop, or online as part of one of our simple and entirely customised coffee subscriptions.

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Green Coffee Beans: What Are They?

Green coffee beans are significantly different in their ‘raw’ state from the hard, brown beans many are used to seeing when they buy coffee beans wholesale. They are sometimes referred to as a ‘green coffee bean’ or even a ‘coffee cherry’ because of their green colour.

These unroasted beans are the coffee tree’s fruit, which has been “processed” but not yet roasted. They have all of the fantastic flavor and taste possibilities of the coffee they can be used to make, but are sold in their most natural state.

These green coffee beans are often promptly roasted to produce the normal coffee bean product that you are familiar with. The roasting process alters the chemical and mineral constitution of the coffee to bring out its nuances and flavours. The moisture level of the coffee beans is also lowered throughout this process.

Roasted coffee beans offer a wide range of flavors, including chocolatey, floral, caramelly, and fruity, as well as a fragrant nutty scented brew. The coffee roasting technique used will determine the flavor; the roasting process will also reduce the weight of the beans by reducing their moisture content. Roasted beans typically contain more caffeine than unroasted beans.


Why should you buy green coffee beans wholesale?

People buy green coffee beans wholesale from Pearl Lemon Cafe for one of two reasons: to roast them at home to create their own unique coffee bean blends or to drink them as green coffee, a newer subgenre of current coffee culture that is gaining massive popularity across the country.

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What is Green Coffee?

Green coffee has a gentler, lighter flavor than ordinary coffee, and it has a slight thickness when properly made. It’s been compared to herbal tea and described as “grassy,” but it’s not the same thing. It also has a higher acidity level than roasted coffee.

Raw green bean coffee has the same appearance as regular coffee. It’s usually a light amber color, with the occasional tinge of green. But it’s not the bright green some people expect.

These are, however, tiny distinctions. The most crucial issue for many people is whether roasted and green coffee beans have the same biochemical properties, at least in terms of health and therapeutic effects. As it turns out, they don’t.

Green coffee is popular in health and wellness circles because it contains huge amounts of an essential antioxidant that is significantly reduced when coffee beans are roasted.

Coffee beans contain compounds called chlorogenic acids. These acids can be found in blueberries, tomatoes, and aubergines, but coffee has the highest concentration.

Antioxidant effects have been demonstrated for chlorogenic acid and one of its metabolites, caffeic acid (no link to coffee). Many of coffee’s health advantages are thought to be due to the presence of these acids.

When you roast coffee beans, though, something weird happens. Their chlorogenic acid levels diminish considerably as they get more taste.

To look at it another way, green coffee is perhaps healthier than roasted coffee because green coffee beans contain far more of the chemicals linked to medical and well-being benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, increasing brain function, and, some claim, weight loss.

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To ‘Roast Your Own,’ buy green coffee beans.

Even if you’ve never done it yourself, chances are you know somebody who brews their own beer or produces their own wine. Both of which have been popular hobbies for decades, and the results can be incredibly fulfilling in terms of both taste and that sense of personal accomplishment.

As coffee culture has exploded throughout the UK, it’s only natural that people would be interested in ‘roasting their own’ to make their own unique coffee bean recipes. But to do so, you must first buy green coffee beans!

It’s theoretically easier than you might think to roast your own small quantities of green coffee beans at home. All you’ll need is a decent roasting pan, a strong flame, and some patience.

Because coffee roasters spend years developing their expertise, getting consistent outcomes may take a long time. If you have incredibly sensitive taste buds and only want to drink the best, learning how to roast coffee beans might be a time-consuming procedure that is a little too frustrating. 

However, if you’re willing to experiment a little and put up with a few batches of irregularly roasted beans, this practice could be a lot of fun, and if you buy green coffee beans wholesale from Pearl Lemon any mistakes you make won’t be so costly.

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When purchasing green coffee beans wholesale, keep the following in mind:

There are four main aspects to consider while buying green coffee beans wholesale. All of these factors have a role in deciding how your green coffee bean blend will taste after roasting.

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Where the Beans Are Grown:

The environment in which a coffee bean is grown has an effect on its final flavor and aroma; these factors include humidity, climate, and soil.

Variety of coffee beans:

The genetic category that various coffee beans belong to matters. Coffee species and varieties have a significant impact on the final brewed or roasted product. Because there are so many different types of coffee beans, you’ll have a lot of options.

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Growing Altitude:

Higher altitudes mean colder temperatures, which allows the green coffee bean to grow more slowly and produce its sugar content more slowly. As a result, coffee beans grown at higher elevations have greater sweetness, complex flavor profiles, and stronger acidity than those grown at lower, warmer elevations.

Green Coffee Bean Processing:

Processing is the process of removing the coffee beans from the coffee fruit. There are three primary ways, each with its unique set of results. The three fundamental types of bean processing are dry/natural processing, wet/washed processing, and honey processing.

We spend a lot of time at Pearl Lemon Cafe making sure that all of the coffee items we sell are of the best possible quality, from the delicious espresso that so many of our customers expect us to brew for them every morning to the green coffee beans we sell.

We also devote a significant amount of work to locating coffee beans from around the world. Because our parent company, Pearl Lemon, is a global enterprise, it’s only natural that our coffees come from all over the world. We have ‘coffee scouts’ in lots of locales, to be sure!

We’ll be pleased to help you buy green coffee beans wholesale for whatever reason you might want to. If you’re in the area, stop by our Fulham café and let one of our skilled baristas assist you in selecting the best green coffee beans for you. Alternatively, you may have them included in one of our coffee subscriptions by contacting us directly and we’ll be happy to help. 

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