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Bananas that are green aren’t ripe enough to consume.

When meat or potatoes turn green, it means they’ve gone bad.

It’s time to toss out any bread or fruit that has green spots on it.

Green coffee, though? That’s another story altogether.

You may well have heard about green coffee supplements in relation to weight reduction programs, but if you’ve ever gone to a shop or most local coffee shops in search of genuine green coffee, you’ve probably left empty-handed.

You can buy green coffee at Pearl Lemon Cafe, as we are proud to be one of the few sources of great green coffee for local coffee fans in Fulham and across London. We can even offer to send it to you if you buy green coffee online. But the question you probably have is why would you want to?

What is Green Coffee?

Coffee beans are used to make green coffee. Green coffee beans also have a synonym: coffee beans.

Green coffee is not complicated. Green coffee is basically unroasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are green when gathered and processed, and only the roasting process gives them their famous brown hue. You’re half-right, by the way, if you thought coffee beans are red or yellow when picked, as those are the coffee “cherries.”

Before we go on, there’s one more definition to go over: green coffee extract. Obviously, the ingredient is derived from raw coffee beans, and it’s the weight-loss supplement that some people have been buzzing about on TikTok and Instagram recently.


Green coffee, however, does have a significant role in the coffee industry. Green coffee bean extract is used in the Swiss Water decaffeination process, which is an all-natural approach that has been commercially employed since the 1980s.

So, to summarize, green coffee is coffee that has not been roasted. However, you can still consume it. And you might want to, once you know just what it is, and the fact that you can buy green coffee from Pearl Lemon Cafe will let you do that.

What Does Green Coffee Taste Like?

The roasting process is responsible for the majority of the “coffee flavor” we’ve come to expect, as well as the brew’s distinctive aroma. In a blind taste test, you might not even notice that you’re drinking coffee.

Green coffee has a much gentler, lighter flavour than ordinary coffee, and it has a little thickness to it when properly prepared. Some people describe the flavour as “grassy” or compare it to herbal tea, but it’s not the same. It also has higher acidity than roasted coffee.

Coffee prepared from raw green beans also does not look like “coffee.” It’s normally a delicate amber in hue, with a tinge of green on occasion.

However, those are only superficial differences. The crucial question for many is whether roasted and green coffee have the same chemical properties, at least when it comes to health and medicinal benefits.  And the answer is they don’t.


The Green Coffee Difference

Chlorogenic acids are naturally occurring substances in coffee beans. These acids can also be found in blueberries, tomatoes, and aubergines, but coffee contains higher levels than any of them.

The antioxidant effects of chlorogenic acid and one of its metabolites, caffeic acid (no connection to caffeine), are well established. Many of coffee’s health benefits are thought to be attributable to the presence of these acids.

When you roast coffee beans, though, something weird happens. Their chlorogenic acid levels drop considerably as they develop more taste.

To put it another way, unroasted coffee beans contain far more of the compounds linked to medical and wellness benefits – or, to put it another way, green coffee is healthier than roasted coffee.

Another distinction between green and conventional coffee is the caffeine content.

It’s difficult to generalize because bean varietals and roasting procedures all have an impact. But roasting coffee beans gradually reduces the quantity of caffeine in the coffee; dark roast, for example, contains less caffeine than light roast.

As a result, coffee brewed from raw green coffee beans that have not been roasted will have slightly more caffeine than a light roast and significantly more than the darkest roasts.


What Do the Antioxidants in Green Coffee Do?

If you want to buy green coffee because you assume it will offer health benefits, you probably want to know what they might be. The term antioxidants is thrown around a lot, by food and beverage manufacturers of all kinds and even by cosmetic companies.

The antioxidants in coffee, of which, as we mentioned there are more in green coffee, first came to people’s attention when Oprah Winfrey’s friend Dr. Oz suggested they might help with weight loss, years ago. Like many of the claims he has made, those claims are not backed by much real medical research, and we make no such claims when we offer you green coffee. But some people swear it has worked for them.

There is more medical research that backs up the idea that drinking green coffee in moderation can help lower high blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol numbers and maybe even help ward off certain cancers.

Again, we make no claims because we are coffee and tea experts, not medical professionals. But where’s the harm in trying green coffee out anyway, especially if you, like us, are dedicated enough to the art of coffee drinking that you want to experience it in every way possible?

How Is Green Coffee Prepared?

If you buy a prepared green coffee from Pearl Lemon Cafe you’ll be getting an expertly prepared brew lovingly crafted by our expert baristas. But it won’t come from one of our coffee machines. Green coffee is prepared by boiling and steeping the bean whole, a lot like making a cup of tea, but green coffee beans are simmered for about fifteen minutes, making the prep process longer.

Any wait will be worth it, however, as the earthy, herbal taste of a well-prepared cup of green coffee is very unique. You can add sugar, honey, or anything else you might add to herbal tea, and experimenting when you buy green coffee until you create a flavour that’s perfect for you is a lot of tasty fun.

You can also buy green coffee beans directly from Pearl Lemon Cafe to create your own green coffee concoctions at home. Most of us who have been drinking green coffee for some time are well aware of the fact that the fresher, and better quality the ‘raw’ coffee beans are, the better the taste, which is why we ensure that when you buy green coffee from us it is as fresh as possible and the beans themselves are among the best in the world.

Ready to experience green coffee for yourself? If you are in the area we’d be delighted to introduce you to the delights of this subtle brew at our Fulham coffee shop as prepared by our friendly baristas. They can even show you how to prepare any green coffee beans you buy at home. Or you can add green coffee to one of our coffee subscriptions, and enjoy green coffee at home wherever that might be.


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