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You love coffee. You love the taste, the aroma, and that great caffeine kick that gets you going in the morning and keeps you going when you start flagging in the afternoon or serves as the perfect finale to a great evening meal.

So do we. This is why we opened Pearl Lemon Cafe and now offer the finest in prepared coffee beverages of all kinds to the good people of Fulham and beyond, and the best in ground coffee, coffee pods, and roasted (and unroasted) coffee beans to the rest of the country via our convenient coffee subscriptions. But when people began asking about chocolate-covered coffee beans and where to buy them, we knew we had to expand our offerings once again.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans?!?

Our favourite “guilty” pleasure is chocolate-covered coffee beans… When you have them, however, there’s no need to feel guilty. This delectable treat is worth celebrating because of the health benefits of coffee combined with the antioxidants in dark chocolate. And the amazing crunch.

Want to know where you can buy chocolate-covered coffee beans? From Pearl Lemon Cafe. Want to know why you should? Read on.

Coffee Beans + Chocolate = Your New Go-to Snack

You almost certainly know what roasted coffee beans look like. They are various shades of brown, and hard, and you usually grind them up to make a good cup of coffee. You know what chocolate is too, and probably in many of its common forms. But combining the two would be weird, right? And maybe even not safe??

However, chocolate-covered coffee beans are perfectly safe to eat, and they taste great. Looking for the perfect bite-sized pick-me-up? Try some chocolate-covered coffee beans. They’re not only flavorful and crunchy, but they can also give you a quick caffeine boost if they are made with the right coffee beans.

Large glass of delicious chai latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon

When creating these tasty treats, you can use semisweet or dark chocolate chips, but you can also use milk chocolate, white chocolate, or chocolate with a hint of fruit. Or melted Freddos. And at Pearl Lemon Cafe, where we love to experiment with anything coffee-related – and anything that tastes good – we’ve tried all of these chocolate-covered coffee bean combinations and more, and we now offer the best results of this culinary experimentation for sale.

These little nibbles are the perfect midday pick-me-up, regardless of which chocolate flavour you favour. Once you buy chocolate-covered coffee beans from Pearl Lemon Cafe they can be kept in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for quick snacking for weeks.

While Pearl Lemon Cafe’s chocolate-covered coffee beans make a fantastic snack on their own, they also go well with chocolate and coffee desserts. Or on top of ice cream or jelly.

You can also give these yummy coffee bean snacks as a handcrafted food gift by asking us for one of our very attractive Pearl Lemon Cafe gift-wrapped chocolate-covered coffee bean packages, which can be customised to your gift recipient’s personal tastes or to suit a particular occasion, such as a birthday or graduation.

They also make great favours at weddings, engagement parties and other celebrations, especially if you want to offer your guests something that no-one else will!

So Do Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Really Taste Good?

Yes! The bitterness of coffee beans is ‘diffused’ by chocolate, and let’s face it, chocolate in all of its delicious forms is a treat to our palette.

Consider this: you start with the delectably sweet chocolate covering, which is quickly followed by the robust, rich flavor of the bean, which is followed by an exhilarating burst of caffeine goodness.

You’re not alone if you’re salivating at the prospect of eating chocolate-covered coffee beans; they’re swiftly becoming the coffee enthusiast’s favourite snack and replacing their crisps and nuts in their fridges, kitchen cupboards, and bottom desk drawers at work.

Do Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Really Give You a Caffeine Boost?

Let’s face it: most people drink coffee religiously to satisfy their caffeine cravings. If this sounds like you, you’re undoubtedly curious about the caffeine content of chocolate-covered coffee beans, given that both coffee and chocolate contain caffeine.

The short (but ambiguous and unsatisfying) explanation is that the amount of caffeine in chocolate and coffee varies according to the types of both that are used to create them. A longer answer would be that espresso coffee beans and dark chocolate offer the biggest caffeine boosts, while milk chocolate and light roast coffee beans offer less, but you’ll still get a little buzz.

At Pearl Lemon Cafe our coffees come in many different strengths, and so do our chocolate-covered coffee beans, ranging from bite-sized balls of energy that will REALLY wake you up to mellow but still very tasty decaf options if that’s what you prefer.


Do Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Offer Health Benefits?

We aren’t going to make any big claims here, because we are a bunch of baristas, not medical professionals or scientists. However, we do know that lots of those types of people have conducted lots of proper research to discover that both coffee and chocolate do offer some health benefits, mainly in the form of the various antioxidants they both contain.

Both chocolate and coffee are high in antioxidants, which combat free radicals that try to enter your system. Free radicals, such as cigarette smoke or exhaust, are harmful molecules that enter your body and can cause inflammation and other problems.

Coffee and chocolate can help your body fight internal problems as well as protect it from outside influences. Both dark chocolate and coffee, like red wine, have been associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Furthermore, dark chocolate can help lower your bad cholesterol levels.

There may be other benefits in choosing to switch from standard snacks to chocolate-covered coffee beans in terms of your mental health. When the 2:30pm slump hits at work, instead of reaching for the candy bar, grab a handful of chocolate-covered coffee beans for a guilt-free energy boost. The caffeine in coffee beans activates dopamine receptors in your brain, releasing endorphins that make you feel happier and more productive.

Top view of a cup of piccolo latte hot coffee on a green saucer with latte art and on wooden table

And, of course, the sweetness of the chocolate is an added bonus that will make you smile. That extra oomph might also inspire you to ride your bike to work instead of driving, or to go to the gym on your way home, because a positive attitude typically leads to healthier habits.

With all of these advantages in mind, it’s vital to remember that chocolate-covered coffee beans, like any other substance you choose to put into your body, should be consumed in moderation.

Limit your daily intake to between 250 and 800 milligrams and avoid eating too many of these too right before bedtime, as not getting enough sleep is a surefire way to ill health.

Ready to enjoy the many delights that chocolate-covered coffee beans offer? Stop in at Pearl Lemon Cafe, or contact us about adding them to a coffee subscription, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to your new favourite snack!

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