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Coffee pods have become one of the most popular ways to prepare coffee at home, or, increasingly, at work, and in less than ten years.

There are many good reasons for this (more on that later), but one drawback many coffee lovers discover when switching to a coffee pod machine is that the variety, and often the quality, of the coffee they can brew is limited. And the cost of coffee pods can be significantly higher than that of other formats. Unless you make a coffee pods bulk buy.

Our coffee pods bulk buy options offer you the aromatic, rich-tasting coffee you want in this newer, very convenient way, thanks to our commitment to offering the best coffee in every possible form, from the freshly brewed coffee served at Pearl Lemon Cafe to our whole bean and ground options to our high-quality coffee pods.

The Benefits of Using Coffee Pods to Make Coffee

Some people aren’t big fans of using coffee pods to make coffee. We, on the other hand, are not among them. While we love the freshly brewed delight that is a handcrafted espresso served at places like our very own Pearl Lemon Cafe in Fulham, we equally value a good cup of coffee at home, especially one that is quick and easy to make. Because, let’s face it, at 7 a.m., the coffee you want is the one you can get the quickest.

Our coffee pod bulk buy options are some of the best ways to ensure that your coffee pod brew is delicious, but if you haven’t yet switched to a coffee pod machine, you might be asking why they’ve grown so popular if so many serious coffee drinkers dislike them. Here are some of the benefits of using coffee pods to make coffee that might help you decide:

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Without the requirement for barista training, coffee pods brew superb coffee.

hen it comes to classic coffee operations, there are a lot of things to consider and a lot of aspects to perfect, from grinding the coffee beans in exactly the right way – not too coarse or too fine – at just the right time to tamping the coffee with just the right amount of pressure. That’s before you even turn on the coffee maker!

You won’t have to worry about mediocre coffee because one of your baristas had a bad day and forgot a step because the coffee pods have already been ground, metered, and tamped for the best extraction. In fact, utilizing coffee capsules in a coffee machine eliminates the need for a barista because it takes significantly less ability and experience than earlier approaches.

Of course, having your coffee made by a professional has its advantages, but most of us don’t have a barista at home or at work, and who has time for all that grinding and measuring first thing in the morning? Or when your energy levels are starting to dwindle around 2 p.m. and you need a quick caffeine fix?

Coffee pod machines are ideal in these (and many other) situations, and as long as the coffee is good – which it will be if you use our coffee pods bulk buy services – they are one of the best ways to brew coffee when you are short on time but don’t want your caffeinated brew to be short on taste.


Coffee pods maintain their freshness for a longer time.

The flavours and smells of freshly ground coffee beans are preserved in the coffee capsule until it is opened and used, whereas conventional coffee loses both as soon as it is opened.

We normally advise our customers to keep their coffee in sealed containers to help it retain its quality for longer. However, once the vacuum seal on a regular bag of ground coffee – the kind you get at the supermarket for use in drip coffee machines, for example – is broken, the flavor and aroma fades quickly, and the freshness is gone in only a few days.

On the other hand, an unopened coffee pod can remain fresh for up to 18 months! The freshness that was captured when the coffee pod was filled – and our bulk buy coffee pods are created seconds after the coffee beans have been ground – remains sealed in until you’re ready to release it, which could be days, weeks, or even months later.

If you’re afraid of running out of coffee, our coffee pod bulk buy alternatives will not only ensure that you never run out by sending coffee to your door whenever you need it, but will also ensure that the coffee you brew is always as fresh as possible.

Our coffee pods exclusively include high-quality coffees that may be used both commercially and at home. That means you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee pod machine java almost anywhere.

Coffee capsules help you save both time and money.

Coffee pods simplify the brewing process and reduce the need for specialized barista training; nonetheless, single-serve coffee machines require less cleaning because coffee pods make less mess than traditional coffee brewing methods.

Simply fill the container halfway with water, drop in the coffee pod, and press the button to enjoy one delicious hot brew brewed just for you!

Because all of the ground coffee is contained within that single coffee pod, there are no spills, tamping, emptying, wasted coffee, or coffee grinds to clean up from the machine shower head. The only cleanup you’ll have to do is take out the coffee pod and dump it in the trash.

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Coffee pods allow you to ‘try out’ new coffees without making a long-term commitment.

How many times have you been drawn to a bag of coffee – ground, whole bean, or even coffee pods – by the name, the packaging, a flashy commercial, or an intriguing piece of ad writing, only to find out after you’ve brewed it that it’s not really to your cup of Joe after all? Then you’re left with coffee that no one will ever drink?

Our coffee pod bulk buy options can be tailored to your preferences, allowing you to try out new coffee brews and tastes, as well as pre-made espresso pods, without committing to a long-term commitment. If you like a certain coffee, let us know and we’ll send you more the next time. And if a selection does not appeal to you we will not deliver it again.

Buying Coffee Pods in Bulk Saves Money

As we mentioned earlier, supermarket coffee pod offerings are usually the most expensive coffee format you’ll find on the shelves. The price you pay for convenience is what most would say. It may also, however, be the price you pay for fancy packaging.

Pearl Lemon Cafe’s bulk coffee pod buys offer the highest possible quality in coffees – from a light, bright breakfast roast to a rich, smooth dark roast – but without the fancy extras. This, and the fact that we source everything ourselves helps too, as this allows us to offer you great coffee at a great price. We also ensure that our coffee pods are eco-friendly, which is not something that the ‘big boys’ so (without charging extra.)


Coffee Pods Bulk Buys are Great For Businesses

Lots of businesses offer their employees free coffee as a perk, and the advent of the coffee pod machine made doing so easier, and a lot less messy. When the office break room boasts a coffee pod machine rather than a drip coffee maker there is no more wasted coffee, burned coffee, badly brewed coffee or arguments over what coffee to brew, all of which were problems in the past.

Coffee pod bulk buy options from Pearl Lemon Cafe are a great way to offer your employees really good coffee – because coffee can only be considered a perk if it is – while also saving the company money.

You can make use of our bulk buy coffee pod options to ensure that your staff remains caffeinated (which is great for productivity and employee satisfaction) and unexpectedly running out of coffee (which will certainly slow things down) is not one of the annoyances your staff has to deal with! And because we offer a wide variety of coffee blend and flavour options you can ensure that there’s something for everybody without having to spend a small fortune to do so!

Whether you are a family of coffee lovers or a business that needs to keep its employees happy and ‘fueled’, choosing one of our coffee pod bulk buy options is a terrific way to get the most out of your coffee pod machine as well as the vast selection of coffees available. It’s also a great way to ensure that you can always get the coffee you want (or need?) quickly and with minimal fuss and mess. Try it out today; we think you’ll like every sip!

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