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At Pearl Lemon Cafe we pride ourselves on offering the best coffee – and coffee drinks – you can find in Fulham. Every day our skilled – and super friendly – expert baristas serve a variety of superior coffee concoctions to a wide variety of customers, many of whom love them – the coffee drinks and the staff – that they visit us almost every day.

At Pearl Lemon Cafe we also offer a range of products for sale for home, office, or institutional use by our fellow coffee lovers. Some of our most popular offerings are the wholesale ground coffee options we source from all over the world.

The wholesale ground coffee we offer at Pearl Lemon Cafe – or via one of our convenient coffee subscriptions, which allow us to share our distinctive coffees with a larger market across the country – is always freshly ground (minutes before it is sold) and expertly packaged and designed to be as fresh as possible when it is transformed into the coffee drink of your choice.

Wholesale ground coffee from Pearl Lemon Cafe can accommodate all kinds of coffee preferences, from light, crisp breakfast blends to rich, dark espresso blends, flavored coffees, and much more.  If there is something new, exciting, or unusual in the world of gourmet coffee that we think is worth sharing with our fellow coffee aficionados you can be sure that you’ll find it offered as wholesale ground coffee at Pearl Lemon Cafe.


Wholesale Ground Coffee for Offices

Lots of companies offer their employees coffee as a perk of the job. But it can only really be considered a perk if the coffee is good. Jars of instant coffee, or the kind of weak coffee flavoured water that many coffee machines dispense rarely offer that. Buy wholesale ground coffee from Pearl Lemon Cafe and not only will your employees actually be excited about drinking it but you can save lots of cash in the process (and what business doesn’t want to save money?)

At a time when businesses are tightening their belts, they may be looking to make cuts, but coffee almost certainly isn’t one of the things that should go. While you, as a business owner, HR manager or supervisor may never have given the office coffee station too much thought before, providing your employees with high-quality coffee offers a lot of perks for your business too:

Increased Productivity

Caffeine use can help employees concentrate and stay focused. It can also give them a boost and help with the afternoon dip in productivity so common in most workplaces. Are you wondering how coffee can accomplish this? Adenosine, a substance found in the brain, is responsible for making a person sleepy. Adenosine builds up in the brain, causing that sleepy feeling.

Coffee suppresses this via the stimulating effect of caffeine and makes a person feel awake. Coffee can help employees stay focused by increasing brain activity and providing a boost of energy.

Onsite coffee brewed with wholesale ground coffee from Pearl Lemon Cafe increases productivity in another important way too: it eliminates those twenty-minute coffee runs (and the thirty minutes of order discussion) that employees would otherwise have to interrupt their working day with.


Increased Socialization and Team Building

In lots of workplaces the staff are only now heading back to the office after up to two years of working at home, and what we are hearing, and seeing, is that for many office socialization, and working as a team are skills they are finding are very rusty.

An open office culture is created through workplace socialization and employee connections. Taking an onsite coffee break can help to boost employee morale. According to a recent study, coffee breaks can help coworkers feel more like a team. Bonding can and will occur when people gather around the coffee station.

Ideas and conversations can be exchanged there, resulting in innovation, teamwork, and creativity, all of which is exactly why you had your staff return to the office in the first place.

Great For Employee Recognition and Satisfaction

It’s the rare employer that has not heard about the ‘great resignation’. Finding, and retaining, top talent has become much harder in the aftermath of the global pandemic, and employees are no longer shy about leaving a job that makes them unhappy.

For many, the little things they do like about their job, the things that make them feel appreciated and recognised, are even more important than money. Offering really good coffee is one of those things.


Wholesale Coffee for Restaurants

Consumers go to a full-service restaurant to eat a meal, and the ambiance is very important to them, as they look for locations that are fresh, dynamic, inspiring, trendy, and welcoming. Coffee is frequently consumed in restaurants at lunch or dinner, with the majority of coffee occasions being enjoyed with a friend, partner, or family member.

Coffee allows customers to “recall pleasant memories” and “experience a special moment with others” since it generates a social atmosphere and is enjoyable to consume.

While the meal and atmosphere are crucial, customers also want a selection of coffee drinks. Offering a simple cup of coffee is insufficient to suit the changing and expanding expectations of consumers. While many customers prefer conventional coffees, an increasing number of customers are seeking out more sophisticated coffee beverages such as espresso, latte macchiato, and even cold coffee.

Some customers also want coffee that goes well with food. Smart restaurants are capitalizing on this trend by offering personalized coffees that complement and pair with their dessert selection. Indulgent coffee is also crucial since some health-conscious consumers are substituting coffee for dessert.

When you buy wholesale ground coffee from Pearl lemon Cafe for your restaurant, bar or cafe not only will you ensure that you will be offering the high-quality coffees your customers crave, but you’ll also gain free access to the wealth of knowledge our own expert baristas can share with you about just how to take our delicious wholesale ground coffees and create coffee, and coffee drinks, your customers will love.


Wholesale Coffee for Service Businesses

When new customers enter an unfamiliar location, they want comfort—a sense of belonging. A hot cup of coffee is one of the few things that says “welcome” to almost all of them.

Good coffee has the power to put salon, garage, retail, or general office visitors at ease while they wait, from the delicious aroma throughout the environment to that first, revitalizing sip of a delightful drink.

To have the desired effect, however, the coffee you serve visitors to your service business or retail store has to be good. Otherwise, it will, quite literally, leave a bad taste in their mouths and a poor impression of your service (sorry, but it’s true.)

Choosing to buy ground coffee wholesale from Pearl Lemon Cafe will give you access to some of the best coffee from all over the world, and allow you to customise the coffees you offer to suit your business brand and your customers’ tastes.

Beauty salons, for example, often tell us that their clients love the fact that they are served a richer, more indulgent coffee beverage such as an espresso or latte. Many of our business clients find that offering their visitors a bright breakfast blend works best. When you buy wholesale coffee for your business from us we can help you determine just what you should offer your clients and customers, and even offer you tips on coffee making to ensure that they are delighted with what you serve.

Whatever your wholesale ground coffee needs, Pearl Lemon Cafe can fulfill them deliciously and affordably. If you are in the area stop by our Fulham coffee shop to place an order, or contact us directly to learn more about just how we can meet your wholesale ground coffee needs wherever you are.


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