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It’s hot out. But you need your coffee. A hot coffee seems out of place in this weather. But you NEED your coffee. What should you do? The most sensible thing to do? Swap your hot coffee for a delicious cold version and buy iced coffee from Pearl Lemon Cafe.

Where Did the Idea for Iced Coffee Come From?

The hot, aromatic coffee so many of us know and love has been around since at least the beginning of the 15th century – and specific locations that served it, in the form of coffee shops, – were not far behind. But just who came up with the rather genius idea of taking that coffee and serving it ice cold?

Mazagran  (or masagran) was the name of the first iced coffee that we are reasonably positive existed, and it first appeared in Algeria. It was a cold, sweetened coffee beverage that was reputedly created by the French military during the Battle of Mazagran in 1840, hence the name.

The French were battling Arab and Berber armies in Algeria during their 17-year conquest, and when they ran out of milk, they decided to add water to their coffee and drink it cold to beat the heat. Because how were they supposed to keep fighting without their coffee?

Other soldiers in the vicinity of Mazagran were given coffee made from coffee syrup and water. They all took to these refreshing beverages fast.

When the Mazagran veterans returned to Paris, they recommended to café proprietors that they serve the new drink to patrons in tall glasses with lots of ice. The beverage was dubbed café mazagran after that and the Parisians enjoyed it as much while sipping it on the sidewalk as the soldiers had as they slogged through their desert campaign.

While you could, if you wanted to be a purist (or the ultimate coffee snob) still call a basic iced coffee a café mazagran, most of us keep things simple and call the cooling caffeine delight exactly what it is when we buy iced coffee. This is exactly what we do at Pearl Lemon Cafe (although our baristas might be impressed if you do order a cafe mazagran)


Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee: Not the Same Thing

As cold brew coffee has become a thing recently – yes, you can buy cold brew coffee at Pearl Lemon Cafe too – some people do seem to be a little confused and think that cold brew coffee and iced coffee are the same things. They are not.

Iced coffee is hot brewed coffee cooled and iced. Cold-brewed coffee is coffee that is brewed – over an extended period of time – with cold water. They are both absolutely delicious, especially on a hot day – but they are two different coffee drinks (especially as you can drink cold brew hot if you like.)


Iced Coffee Variations

Iced coffee has come a long way since the Algerian desert. While we still think there are very few beverages better on a hot day than a basic iced coffee (or even on a cold day, we don’t judge) at Pearl Lemon Cafe we have joined the growing number of coffee connoisseurs who like to try new things, and prepare and serve iced coffee that goes beyond brewed coffee over ice and becomes an iced coffee experience that we are pretty certain you’ll love:

Iced Espresso

If you are the kind of person who needs that shot of espresso to get going in the morning, or to keep going in the afternoon, we can certainly help you enjoy the same caffeinated delight in iced coffee form. With the addition of ice, and cream and sugar if you like – you can enjoy a quick espresso iced coffee any time of day and in any weather, no matter how hot.

Iced Latte

Want something caffeinated, delicious, and slightly decadent, but not something hot? Instead of reaching for another soda try an iced latte instead. Pearl lemon Cafe’s iced lattes are expertly crafted using your choice of our best coffees, milky foam and lots of ice. Yes, it’s as refreshing as it sounds.


Iced Frappacino

You could think of a Pearl Lemon cafe iced frappuccino as the ultimate caffeinated slushie for grown-ups. After preparing a nice, strong espresso shot we add finely crushed ice and the milk of your choice and mix it all together. We can then top it off with cream, chocolate, vanilla, or whatever else you might think of.

Iced Cold Brew

Prefer cold brew coffee over standard hot brewed coffee when you buy iced coffee? We can do that. You can drink your iced cold brew mazagran style, or we can create one of the other iced delights we have just described making use of it. Some say the flavour is smoother and less acidic this way, but we simply think it tastes great.

Buy Iced Coffee Beans at Pearl Lemon Cafe

The best coffee of any kind begins with freshly ground coffee, and that is certainly true when you buy iced coffee. The best way to brew freshly ground coffee at home is to purchase whole bean coffee and then grind it right before you brew it. That’s how we do things at Pearl Lemon Cafe and, if you buy our whole bean coffee, you can do the same.

Why buy coffee beans for iced coffee from us, rather than from the supermarket? We can think of all kinds of reasons. For starters, unlike whole bean coffee in the supermarket, our whole bean offerings don’t sit on the shelves for weeks. Roasted coffee beans begin to lose their freshness as soon as they begin to cool, but our whole bean offerings are the closest to just roasted as you can get.

top view of ground coffee in portafilter on coffee beans background

We also offer a wide range of gourmet coffee bean blends you won’t find anywhere else and we’ll even give you lots of helpful tips, hints, and recipes – created by our amazing team of expert baristas – that will allow you to brew iced coffee at home that will not only be as delicious and refreshing as you hope but also impressive enough to have your friends oohing and ahhing (and your Instagram followers drooling)

You can buy coffee beans for iced coffee at our Fulham cafe location or add your favourite choices to one of our handy subscription packages which help ensure that you’ll never miss your coffee fix – iced or otherwise – again.

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