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Pearl Lemon Café

As a remote worker, our founder Deepak discovered that most of his time was spent working out of cafes and various coffee shops. None seemed to have the PERFECT fit though. From this, Pearl Lemon Café was born.

Pearl Lemon Café is the Pearl Lemon Group’s very own coffee shop in London. Finding the perfect place to relax and work remotely can be a challenge. That is the exact problem we have aimed to solve.

Pearl Lemon Café provides a calm, quiet atmosphere to help you focus and have a more effective work day.

The Pearl Lemon Group is an entire team of remote workers, so we know all the best parts of our favorite cafes and why we work out of them. We took these concepts and merged them all into one beautiful location to provide you with the best of the best.

Our passions for caffiene expanded beyond just that. Pearl Lemon Café also serves hot tea, cold tea, boba and more.

So what are you waiting for? Make us your home away from home.

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