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Possibly every coffee addict who loves to drink coffee already has their coffee machine and coffee products ready for brewing daily.

May it be coffee pods, filter coffee, or rewarding coffee gifts for themselves, we don’t doubt that these coffee lovers would lack any of them.

However, some people just don’t have the time to buy a great coffee machine and the best coffee products to go with it.

So what if there’s a way for people like these to get the best coffee machine and awesome coffee products too?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Dear coffee connoisseur, perhaps it’s time to look into purchasing a coffee machine subscription. A coffee machine subscription in the UK simplifies your life in a variety ways.

For one, you’ll get the best coffee maker for your home or office. Two, you’ll never run out of coffee to brew every single day.

The best part? You can change the flavours of coffee you get!

We want you to be able to appreciate the little pleasures in life – like a really great cup of coffee- whenever you want, and a coffee machine subscription will help you do just that.

With our simple and flexible coffee machine subscriptions, you’ll save time and money while trying new brews that you may never have otherwise discovered. 

Even better, you won’t even have to leave home to enjoy all of this (and more) as your coffee machine subscription is delivered right to your door, on a schedule that suits you.

The term ‘coffee machine’ has become a very broad one, as the number of different coffee gadgets you can choose for your home or office brewing needs has increased significantly.

Subsequently, there are a number of affordable commercial options available if your café, restaurant, or even retail store could use an injection of freshly brewed coffee to offer to your customers. But you won’t really know how to pick the best brand and quality for your money.

That’s why we did the picking for you.

Our coffee machines range from cutting-edge super-smart technology to classic engineering, and our coffee products are nothing but rich, aromatic, and addictive

Coffee machine

Coffee Machine Subscriptions For You

We can offer you a coffee machine subscription that covers most of them, including all the following:

Barista man stand near his co-worker who prepare of produce coffee using coffeemaker

Auto Drip Coffeemakers

This category includes single-serve coffee machines. These machines are the most straightforward to operate:

  1. Fill your coffee maker with pods or ground coffee (and filter if necessary)
  2. Fill the water reservoir
  3. Press brew and get coffee

You may lose a certain amount of control over the brew, such as temperature and extraction rate unless the machine offers advanced options, which an increasing number of them do, but the convenience is unquestionable. Prepare everything the night before and wake up to a hassle-free cup of coffee.

We create our coffee machine subscription offerings for auto-drip coffeemakers with a lot of thought and care, so that the disadvantages of auto-drip coffee machines – like the lack of control – are minimized and even that quick cup of coffee is also a really good cup of coffee, and that the result is the same every time.

French Press

The French Press is one of the oldest ‘coffee machines’ around, and it’s enjoying a renaissance right now. There are lots of reasons to love a French press too, aside from their very trendy look.

The french press is a plunger-equipped cylindrical container. Ground coffee is placed in the coffee maker and immersed in water for a period of time before being pressed down to the bottom of the vessel with the plunger. The coffee is poured from the top spout.

The home barista has complete control over their finished cup of coffee with the French press. You can use as much ground coffee as you want, add as much water as you’d like, and only complete extraction when the coffee is brewed to your taste.

Making coffee with french press
French press coffee

The French press works best with coarse grinds that won’t slip through the filtered plunger. They’re also portable, and they don’t require a stovetop (if you have another source of hot water) or an electrical outlet to function. On the downside, it’s not the quickest way to make coffee.

Our coffee subscriptions, managed by Cafe Shop Consulting, can offer you coffee beans to grind yourself for use in your French press, or a coarser preground option that is perfect for use with that sometimes finicky filter. Whichever option you choose, the result will be a great cup of coffee that’s perfect to satisfy your unique coffee preferences. And as we offer auto-delivery, you’ll still save time by skipping trips to the supermarket to stock up on your favorites.

Stovetop Coffeemakers

Stovetop coffeemakers are great for real coffee nerds, and also for brewing dark, rich coffee that has a thicker, espresso quality.  Another centuries-old gadget, the stovetop coffeemaker does not offer a fast caffeine fix – it takes at least fifteen to twenty minutes to brew a small pot. But if you love a robust cup of coffee, the effort is well worth it.

Although it is a very simple coffee ‘machine’ with just three of four components, using a stovetop coffeemaker can take some getting used to. The stovetop coffeemaker makes use of heat and gravity to force water from the bottom, through a water-filled metal filter and then emerge – as great coffee – at the top.

The grind size is very important here too, so when signing up for a coffee machine subscription look for an option that offers a medium grind that is neither too coarse nor too fine.

Fresh coffee made in classic coffee maker

Home Espresso Machines

For those who cannot get enough of espresso coffee, there are an increasing number of home espresso machines that can do a passable job of recreating coffee shop espresso and lattes at home. And as they become more and more affordable we are seeing more customers request the perfect coffee to use in them.

As our coffee machine subscription gurus are also expert baristas the coffee – or coffee beans – we can include in your coffee machine subscription can b matched to both the basic requirements of your home espresso machine and your personal tastes, helping to ensure that your ‘DIY’ espresso is as close to its coffee shop cousins as possible.

So Many Coffeemakers, So Much Coffee

Whatever kind of coffeemaker you have at home – and lots of people have several these days to accommodate their various coffee preparation tastes – one of our great coffee machine subscriptions will have you covered. But why opt for a coffee machine subscription, rather than just picking up your coffee from the local supermarket?

Coffee machine capsules


The biggest benefit of a coffee subscription is this. Having fresh coffee delivered to your door on a regular basis is a huge time saver. You won’t have to remember to restock your coffee at the grocery store, and you’ll finally be free of the search for the tastiest coffee across aisles of coffee choices that all seem very similar.

You can also change up your coffee machine subscription options from delivery to delivery. You can pause your subscription if you are headed off on holiday, or have more delivered if you will be entertaining coffee guests and need to make sure that none of them end up caffeine-deprived (and with a pretty low opinion of you as a host)

Fresh Coffee Every Time

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you understand the importance of using fresh beans. Coffee purchased through a subscription service like ours has a fresher flavor than coffee purchased at your local grocery store. Often that coffee was roasted months ago – and has been sitting on those shelves for weeks – so cannot, in any way, be described as fresh, even if it’s vacuum-sealed.

A coffee subscription is your best bet for really fresh brew at home coffee unless you have a range of local coffee roasters just down the street from you to pick from. Which very few of us do.

Fresh coffee
Different trendy cold coffee drink

New Coffee Discoveries and Variations

Coffee machine subscriptions usually offer a wide range of coffee selections, especially if you choose a multi-roaster company like us, which sources coffee from a variety of roasters.

With our coffee machine subscription UK, you’ll have access to a large variety of coffees to explore with various brewing methods. Newbies and seasoned coffee drinkers alike will welcome the opportunity to try something new and different.

For example, we allow you to try coffee from all over the world. Exciting discoveries are made as a result of this variety. When you have a more seasoned palate and a thorough coffee education, it’s also easier to figure out your own tastes. And impress your friends with your barista-like coffee expertise.

A coffee machine subscription UK will let you explore new and exciting coffee blends and flavors from all over the world without ever leaving your street, and without those hefty import and postage fees charged by some ‘gourmet’ international coffee sellers.


Because you won’t have to go to the grocery store as often, a coffee subscription could save you money on petrol and in terms of your time, which is, of course, very valuable. If the subscription plan allows for a lot of customization, as ours does, it’s also much easier to get just what you need without wasting money on coffee you might hate, or quantities you might not drink in time, before the coffee goes stale. and there really is nothing worse than stale coffee.

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