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For years, people often thought that it was very British to drink tea, and very American to drink coffee. The American coffee shop culture exploded long before its UK counterpart, and not just with the advent of Starbucks in Seattle in 1971.

However, now coffee and tea are consumed in equal measure here in the UK, and the Americans are increasing the amount of tea they drink (although not always brewing it very well.) But while US tea brewing may be questionable, the one thing they do very well is create crazy coffees that can be very hard to find here. Death Wish Coffee is one of them.

Lots of coffee fans in Britain have at least heard of Death Wish Coffee. It makes the bold claim that it brews the strongest, most caffeinated cup of coffee in the world, thus the name. However, trying to buy Death Wish Coffee in the UK is hard, and if you can track it down it is often hugely expensive.

Because we live and breathe coffee at Pearl Lemon Cafe, we had to try it. And because we have lots of friends across the pond, it was not that hard to do. And, having established that it was indeed something we thought that our coffee-loving customers should try out for themselves, we’ve made sure you can buy Death Wish Coffee US direct from us, without the huge markups that those eBay and Amazon sellers charge.

What's the Big Deal About Death Wish Coffee?

If you have only vaguely heard of it, you are almost certainly wondering what the big deal is about Death Wish Coffee, especially as even in the US grocery stores where it’s commonly sold it’s offered at twice the price of other coffees.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that will keep you awake for hours. However, there are situations when a normal cup of coffee will not do. You need more. More! However, drinking four cups in a row can cause stomach aches as well as frequent trips to the loo. What you need is a means to combine all four of those cups into one dangerous drink — a high-caffeine coffee that stands out.

Or at least that’s the premise that the Saratoga Springs, NY-based Death Wish Coffee Company was founded on. Its founders set out to pack a LOT more caffeine into a single cup of coffee, but at the same time create a dark, strong flavoured coffee that was also great to drink.

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How Much Caffeine is in Death Wish Coffee?

Death Wish contains 54.2 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce! This equates to 600+ mg of caffeine per cup of joe, as opposed to the 100-200 mg found in most plain hot brewed ordinary black coffees! Just one cup usually gets most people buzzing (to say the least.)

A coffee’s caffeine level is just one part of the equation though. Coffee should, of course, taste good as well. As strong as it is, many people assume it will be bitter and very acidic, but, as long as you brew it carefully, we find that is not the case. It does have a bold, strong taste, but it is not as bitter as you might expect.

To create their super-strength brew, the Death Wish Coffee Company makes use of a proprietary blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. While the Arabica plant is the most popular choice for high-end coffee beans, Death Wish has gone ahead and included some Indian Robusta beans as well, giving the blend that extra kick of caffeine.

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Is Death Wish Coffee Safe?

The one thing that has dogged the Death Wish Coffee company since it was founded in 2012 is a fear that it might not be safe. And if you want to buy Death Wish Coffee UK you are probably wondering just that.

Caffeine consumption is a contentious topic, especially in the fields of health and wellness. And it’s reasonable to have concerns about the effects of drinking coffee with such a high caffeine level while considering purchasing a product with the words ‘Death Wish’ splashed across the packaging.

While studies demonstrate that a certain amount of caffeine isn’t dangerous, and may even have health benefits, there are worldwide concerns about the long-term effects of consistently exceeding the acceptable officially recommended caffeine levels. The fact is that lots of us exceed those levels anyway – as they are very low – but Death Wish Coffee is, to be fair, taking things to the next level.

If you are sensitive to caffeine – if more than one cup of coffee makes your heart race a bit – then Death Wish coffee really isn’t for you, and we’d suggest a milder blend, of which we have lots to offer at Pearl Lemon Cafe.

You should also not drink such a heavily caffeinated cup of coffee if you will need to sleep in the next 4-6 hours, so to make sure that you can still get a good night’s sleep Death Wish Coffee is best considered a morning to early afternoon coffee treat.


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How Do You Brew Death Wish Coffee?

If you buy Death Wish Coffee UK you have a few choices, both when it comes to the form you buy it in, and how you brew it. You can buy Death Wish Coffee Uk from Pearl Lemon Cafe in whole bean, ground, and coffee pods.

The best choice, for the freshest coffee, is whole bean, as you can grind the beans right before you plan to brew your coffee for a much fresher taste. However, if you need to caffeinate fast, ground coffee is easier and, as long as you don’t use too much, it tastes great too. And we all know how quick and easy coffee pods are. They don’t offer you the best cup of coffee, no matter what type you are using, but sometimes speed is more important!

You can buy Death Wish Coffee UK and make use of it in any coffee machine, and can even try a little DIY Death Wish cold brew coffee, if you have the time and patience. Be warned though, cold brewing increases the caffeine levels of standard coffee, and will do so with Death Wish, so you might want to seriously limit your intake of Death Wish Coffee cold brew coffee, unless you want to be up for a week!

Want to try the ‘world’s strongest coffee’ for yourself?  Get in touch with us to buy Death Wish Coffee UK today.

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